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351 B Nehalem Blvd

Wheeler, Oregon 




                Pelican & Pipers  inspiration is the part of life where unlikelihood’s happen. The spy glass like symbol, represents inspection, discovery, attention to detail and quality.  Pelican and Piper, are unlikelihood’s in life’s adventures.  Stepping forward together Improvising with life.  It’s nice to know there are pelicans, friendly surfers of the sky and pipers, quirky greeters of the shore line out there, foraging forward through the elements.

                At Pelican & Piper the aim is to make each product, your next favorite thing. Pelican and Piper is rooted in Wheeler Oregon, a pleasant town on the north coast of Oregon off Hwy 101.  This is where the P&P World Headquarters can be found. The shop is open to the public Tuesday through Sunday 10 a.m.-6p.m. or until work is done for the day.

               Creating unique collections using a variety of techniques is all in a days work at Pelican and Piper. Drawing influence from the Northwest but also at times from the imagination of the customers. 0riginal designs get translated to embroidered and silkscreened goods.  It’s hard to predict where the next source of inspiration is going come from. Whatever it takes to realize and create the concept at hand.

              Biz Heuberger and Kevin Philbrook are the founding members of Pelican & Piper LLC est. 2016.  Biz Heuberger is an Alumni of Sothern Oregon University. Kevin Philbrook is an Alumni of Idaho State University. Both entrepreneurs are dedicated to the act of creating and inspiring.  Always learning challenging new ways to bring confidence to the unlikelihood’s who too, carry a spyglass on their adventures.


Pelican & Piper whole heartedly thank you for your interest and support.

See you by the sea!

Pelican & Piper
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Pelican & Piper LLC         Wheeler Oregon           pelicanandpiper@gmail.c